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Four-Year Colleges & Universities Within 60 Miles of Richmond
Institutions engaged in furnishing academic courses and granting degrees at baccalaureate or graduate levels.


Miles Institution Location Enrollment
(Fall 2014)
Eastern Kentucky University Richmond 16,305
11 Berea College Berea 1,621
22 Asbury Theological Seminary Wilmore 1,470
22 Asbury University Wilmore † 1,879
23 Indiana Wesleyan University – Lexington Education Center Lexington N/A
23 ITT Technical Institute, Lexington Campus Lexington 348
23 Lexington Theological Seminary Lexington 87
23 Sullivan University, Lexington Campus Lexington N/A
23 Transylvania University Lexington 1,014
23 University of Kentucky Lexington 29,203
27 Centre College Danville 1,387
27 Eastern Kentucky University, Danville Campus Danville N/A
29 Morehead State University at Mt. Sterling Mt. Sterling N/A
35 Georgetown College Georgetown 1,262
35 Midway University Midway 1,140
44 Kentucky State University Frankfort 1,895
50 Eastern Kentucky University, Manchester Campus Manchester N/A
56 Eastern Kentucky University, Corbin Campus Corbin N/A
56 Morehead State University Morehead 11,052
57 Morehead State University at West Liberty West Liberty N/A
Total Enrollments 69,624


Note: Miles are calculated as straight-line distance, not highway miles.
† Denotes enrollment for entire institution, including branch campuses; otherwise, enrollment is for specified campus.
Source:  Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development.



Two-Year Colleges Within 60 Miles of Richmond
Institutions engaged in furnishing academic, or academic and technical, courses and granting associate degrees, certificates, or diplomas below the baccalaureate level.


Miles Institution Location Enrollment
American National University – Richmond KY Campus Richmond N/A
18 Bluegrass Community & Technical College, Winchester – Clark Co. Campus Winchester N/A
23 American National University- Lexington KY Campus Lexington 979
23 Bluegrass Community & Technical College, Cooper Campus Lexington 10,952
23 Bluegrass Community & Technical College, Leestown Campus Lexington N/A
23 Bluegrass Community & Technical College, Regency Campus Lexington N/A
23 Spencerian College, Lexington Campus Lexington 101
27 American National University – Danville KY Campus Danville N/A
27 Bluegrass Community & Technical College, Danville Campus Danville N/A
39 Bluegrass Community & Technical College, Lawrenceburg Campus Lawrenceburg N/A
44 Maysville Community & Tech College, Licking Valley Campus Cynthiana N/A
44 Somerset Community College, Laurel North Campus London N/A
46 Somerset Community College, Casey Center Liberty N/A
49 Somerset Community College, Somerset North Campus Somerset † 6,995
51 Elizabethtown Community & Tech. College, Springfield Campus Springfield N/A
52 Hazard Community & Technical College, Lees College Campus Jackson N/A
56 Maysville Community & Technical College, Rowan Campus Morehead N/A
Total Enrollments 19,027


Note: Miles are calculated as straight-line distance, not highway miles.
† Denotes enrollment for entire institution, including branch campuses; otherwise, enrollment is for specified campus.
Source:  Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development.


Kentucky Technical Schools Within 60 Miles of Richmond


Enrollment (2014-2015)
Miles Institution Location Sec P/S Total
Madison County ATC Richmond 726 N/A 726
18 Garrard County ATC Lancaster 250 N/A 250
18 Jessamine Career and Tech Center Nicholasville 1755 N/A 1755
18 Clark County ATC Winchester 680 N/A 680
23 Eastside Technical Center Lexington 645 N/A 645
23 Southside Technical Center Lexington 478 N/A 478
25 Lincoln County ATC Stanford 254 N/A 254
26 Rockcastle County ATC Mount Vernon 424 N/A 424
27 Jackson County ATC McKee 354 N/A 354
29 Montgomery County ATC Mt. Sterling 497 N/A 497
30 Hughes Jones Harrodsburg ATC Harrodsburg 238 N/A 238
34 Lee County ATC Beattyville 264 N/A 264
35 Elkhorn Crossing School Georgetown 930 N/A 930
44 Harrison County ATC Cynthiana 456 N/A 456
44 Franklin County Career and Technical Center Frankfort 763 N/A 763
46 Casey County ATC Liberty 390 N/A 390
49 Pulaski ATC Somerset 365 N/A 365
50 Clay County ATC Manchester 250 N/A 250
52 Breathitt County ATC Jackson 385 N/A 385
54 Marion County ATC Lebanon 594 N/A 594
56 Corbin ATC Corbin 304 N/A 304
57 Morgan County ATC West Liberty 549 N/A 549
Total Enrollments 11,551 11,551


Note: Miles are calculated as straight-line distance; not highway miles.  Kentucky Tech’s secondary schools, called Area Technology Centers (ATCs), are administered by the Office of Career & Technical Education (OCTE), an agency within the KY Education and Workforce Development Cabinet’s Department for Workforce Investment. Other secondary schools are operated locally by public school districts. Secondary student enrollment is listed under Sec, and post-secondary student enrollment is listed under P/S.
Source:  KY Education & Workforce Development Cabinet; KY Dept. of Education.


Training Resources

Bluegrass State Skills Corporation – The Bluegrass State Skills Corporation (BSSC) was established in 1984 by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky as an independent, de jure corporation to stimulate economic development through customized business and industry specific skills training programs.  The BSSC works with business and industry and Kentucky’s educational institutions to establish programs of skills training.  The BSSC is attached to the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development for administrative purposes, in recognition of the relationship between economic development and skills training efforts.The BSSC is comprised of two economic development tools, matching grants and recently authorized Skills Training Investment Tax Credit.  The BSSC grant program is available to new, expanding and existing business and industry.  Eligible training activities include pre-employment skills training and assessment; entry-level skills upgrade and occupational upgrade training; train-the-trainer travel; and capacity building.  The Skills Training Investment Credit Act provides credits to existing businesses for skills upgrade training.

Information on other customized training, assessment services and adult education services can be obtained by contacting the local economic development agency.

*The above data was updated July 2016. For the most up-to-date information, check at: Education & Training