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sbd-logoThe South: The nation’s No. 1 region in economic development.

Welcome to, the official Web site of Southern Business & Development magazine. Here you will find more information than you can find anywhere related to economic development, site selection and expanding or relocating your business to the American South, the world’s third-largest economy. Why a Web site built and dedicated to executives and consultants searching the American South for a suitable site? That’s an easy answer. The South is by far the nation’s most active region for capital investment and job generation. More companies move and expand in the South than any other place in the U.S.

For example, did you know that with 117 million people the South is the most populated region of the U.S.? In the 1950s the South, the Northeast and the Midwest all had about the same populations, right at 56 million each. Today the South’s population is about the same as the Northeast and the Midwest combined.

In addition did you know that the South is:

  • The most preferred region in the U.S. for foreign company investment
  • The least unionized region of the U.S.
  • The region with the lowest utility rates
  • Home to 13 of the nation’s 22 Right to Work states
  • The least expensive place to operate a business in the world’s largest economy
  • Leading all regions in new incorporations by a large margin
  • The leading U.S. region in Gross Regional Product
  • The region with the lowest corporate tax rates
  • The region with the lowest business failure rate
  • The nation’s region with the lowest vehicular hours of delay

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